I believe, O Mary, in thy Immaculate Conception, in thy spotless virginity, in thy divine maternity; I believe in thy immense sorrows, in thy glorious assumption; I believe in thy mercy, in thy love. Rather die a thousand times than give up these pure and holy tenets of my heart. Amen.

Virgin Mary, I hope in thy name and in thy mercies; and trusting in thy heart so good, I hope that thou wilt obtain for me all the graces necessary for my salvation; I hope to triumph over the world and hell, over all the enemies of my soul; I hope thou wilt bestow on me one of thy sweetest looks to sustain and console me at the hour of my death; I hope in fine, with a firm confidence, that I shall see thee and love thee for ever in heaven, together with Jesus thy Son and my God! Amen.

I love thee, O Mary, my tender mother, with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength. Oh! thou art so good and so amiable! I love thee more than all things and more than myself; next to Jesus thy Son and my God, I shall never love anything as much as thee. I love thee unto life, unto death, unto eternity. But thou also, O sweet Mother, love me, love me for ever, love me for ever and ever. Amen.